Cross the Finish Line

Chhaya designs scalable enterprises
for the 21st century

With an engaging blend of global perspective, cutting-edge research
and an innate understanding of human potential, Chhaya mentors, coaches and consults entrepreneurs, leaders, intrapreneurs, aspiring women and students unleash and realise their true potential


Coaching and inspiring leaders at all organizational levels and youngsters in academics and start ups is Chhaya’s passion, and she does so with passion, commitment and empathy

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As a seasoned coach and consultant, Chhaya provides her clients the tools needed to cross their own finish lines — especially when the challenges are steep, the goals are audacious, the competition is fierce, and constant change is the only guarantee!

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Life Journey

Starting as an employee to evolve as an employer, working with corporates and government institutions, big multinationals and MSMEs alike and graduating from teaching to training to consulting to coaching and mentoring; as an entrepreneur and an intrepreneur, Chhaya has traversed through multi-dimensional professional trajectories to evolve as a visionary of the big picture with micro detailing for executional excellence


Dare to dream and go beyong the winning edge.....

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